A Judgement-Free Advice Column

Whether you’re a wife, mistress, or single gal; an artist, professional, or – gulp – a “professional;” an insatiable maneater, or – wince – a “doormat;” we all need someone to turn to for help on our unique, sometimes scandalous, journey through life.  (And hopefully that someone has been there, done that, got the t-shirt for it, put it on a long stick, and stuck it in some mountain he or she conquered…  Like Megan Moore…  Just sayin’ ;))…

As “The Care and Feeding of Sex Symbols” points out, not everyone’s idea of love and happiness looks the same, but it sure does feel the same – and that’s good.  So no matter what you’re going through on your road to fulfilling your dreams, “Dear Megan” is determined to help you develop a course of action based on your soul’s deepest desires, not someone else’s.

Lastly, only those who have been, (or know someone who has been), in a similar situation are invited to comment; especially if the question is unorthodox or hard for one to relate to.  And for even more relevant insight, those seeking answers are always encouraged to go within.


(Guys, aka “wolves,” are also invited…  Naturally.)

In love,

Megan 🙂

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