Three things every sex symbol must let go of in order to live happily ever after


Hellllooooooooo, sexy guys and dolls 🙂

Well, it’s that time of year again! And in the spirit of giving, this year I thought I’d help spread peace, wholeness, and joy to some of my fellow sex symbols by sharing what I’ve come to know as a MAJOR truth behind creating the beautiful life I told you all about at the end of “The Care and Feeding of Sex Symbols.”

Now, while I normally extend the term “sex symbol” to include anyone who gets sexually objectified, this bit of advice is particularly aimed at those whose livelihood is tied to their sex appeal, (especially when living in a culture that frowns upon such things…)

And I should also note that in order for this advice to be effective, one must already have made peace with any difficult and/or painful past that helped shape them, find any “sexy” work they do authentic to who they are, and have accepted the maxim that I’m always yammering on about: “nothing is more important than that I feel good.”

If you believe you are worthy of all the love, happiness, and joy that you want for any other person, (or animal), on this planet, then all this should be fairly easy to implement; if not, well, you’ll just continue to listen to outside voices that don’t take into account what you, as an individual, need to live your best life until you get tired of ‘em. No biggie. Lol.

So, without further ado, I present you with the truth that I speak of:

If you’re enjoying the benefits of a livelihood tied to a certain amount of sexual objectification, for you to have peace of mind, fulfillment, and to realize your full potential you’re going to have to let go of the following THREE things.

  • Let go of any religious ideology that tells you that there’s a God out there and He/She’s judging you. In my experience, “God” is pure Love. Judgment is a man-made thing. And you cannot serve two masters – (i.e. both man and Your Creator). God/Source/The Universe, (or whatever you want to call Your Creator), is Love and wants you to feel good – (remember, this is where that deep-seated belief of self-worth comes in!) – so anytime you’re feeling otherwise it’s because you’ve shifted your focus from Love to man-made fear/judgment. So, again, if you want to feel peace and joy, you have to accept that you are loved, in EVERY moment, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.
  • Let go of any social norms that try to convince you that there’s a right way to live your life and a wrong way to live your life. Social norms are created out of a desire to belong, and that desire to belong is created out of a desire to be loved. When you accept that you are already loved no matter what you do, you not only free yourself from the impulse to ignore your own needs and conform for acceptance, but you find out that it is actually your individuality that makes you so damn lovable. So… play on, playa, lol.
  • Let go of any childhood fantasies that perpetuate the myth that someone, (or something outside of you), is going to come, change your life, and make you happy. Sure, someone dressed as a prince, (or in some of our cases several princes, he-he), may show up and help make your life easier in one way or another, but when it comes to you feeling the sense of security you crave deep down only YOU can give yourself that. So while your sex appeal may help open doors for you, once inside of each new room you enter you’ll have to keep evolving to the point where it’s not only evident that you belong there but no one can shut you out. Doing things for yourself that give you a sense of security is a big part of realizing your full potential and experiencing fulfillment. So, when disappointed at the realization that a prince can turn into a frog at any given moment, pull yourself together, adjust your crown, put on some lipstick, and come up with a plan that’ll give you the life and stability you deserve.

So, what’s the bottom line to all of this letting go business? Accept yourself, your unique path, and whatever season you’re in. Work with yourself. Make room for your own unique personality, needs, temperament, gifts, perceived “short-comings,” etc. when developing a plan to achieve your life’s dreams, knowing that you are loved every day. And don’t forget to have a happy holiday and, more importantly, and AMAZING New Year! Best of luck!

-Megan 🙂

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