How long should I wait to take a girl to a fast food restaurant?

Also how a girl feels when she agrees to go out on another date with a guy and he pulls into a fast food restaurant

Dear Megan,

For our second date, I’m taking this girl out again to eat and then go ice skating this weekend. Really looking forward to it. I was kinda thinking something quick and not too filling, like Zaxbys… But, I don’t know if fast food should be avoided on the first few dates, even if you plan on doing something else afterwards. I definitely wouldn’t take a date to fast food if dinner was the only thing we were doing. I don’t have anything against going somewhere nicer, but it would take longer, and I’d need to pick her up earlier as the ice skating place has a 2-hour window that evening.  Is it too early to take her to a fast food restaurant?

-Rhymes with Donald McRonald


Dear “Rhymes with Donald McRonald,”

Who woulda thunk?  Girls want to know how long they should wait before having sex, and guys want to know how long they should wait before they can take a girl through the drive-thru already, lol…  Good gawd… Well, despite not wanting to encourage “The Care and Feeding of Sex Symbols” to be taken that literally, given that it’s close to Valentine’s Day I figure I better answer this question to save you, (and potentially any other wolves out there who like girls of the, er, “higher maintenance” variety), some heartache.  So, here’s my two cents.

Yes, it’s WAY too early for fast food.  I wouldn’t encourage taking a not-easily-impressed girl to a fast food restaurant until she’s your girl, and even then you may want to wait until she suggests it, (which might take a couple of hints, like “I don’t know what we should eat, I’m thinking something fast…  what type of food is fast…”)

Personally, I’ve never met a girl who didn’t like getting swept off her feet.  And since you’re still in the wooing stage, if you think she has the potential to become something special in your life, you’ll want to treat her as such.  And sadly, no matter how good chicken nuggets are, to a girl who just spent the last hour or more on her hair and make-up in an effort to look pretty for you, there’s nothing special about having mystery meat unwrapped in front of her and essentially being told to hurry up.

So, what do you do when you’ve got limited time but still want to impress?  You get creative.  Us girls are suckers for picnics, so before you pick her up I suggest grabbing her favorite sandwich, pizza, Mexican/Chinese/Thai food, etc., two candles, a blanket or tablecloth, some vino if you’re of age, and taking her to a nearby beach, park, river, lake, or place with a fantastic view.

If you’re like a lot of guys and feel that’s too much work, ice cream and a stroll before ice skating, followed by a nice dinner should also work.  If you live in a cold weather place, stopping for hot cocoa and a pastry, (a la “Let’s do dessert first!”), is a good substitute for the ice cream and a stroll segment of the date.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t think you have time for any nicer-than-fast-food dining options, I recommend putting off the ice skating idea until a later date and just going to a nice restaurant.  Unless, of course, she’s big into ice skating and just recovered from an injury that left her itching to get back out on the ice.  In that rare case, just let her know you have something special planned but since you guys won’t have time for dinner she should eat beforehand.

The key here is to find ways for the two of you to connect and get to know each other in a unique and romantic way, unless you’re cool with the friend zone.  So, make sure that whatever you do not only reflects your desire for something special, but the amount of thought that you’re obviously putting into it.  Because contrary to popular belief it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the thoughts she can see that do.  Best of luck.

-Megan 🙂

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