How to Finally Let Go and Move On!


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Sometimes you just gotta do it…

Hey there, sexy ladies and gents!

Boy, have I got some BIG news for you!!…  In case the featured YouTube “thumbnail” picture didn’t give it away, I’m expanding “Dear Megan” to include the new YouTube channel I’m starting!  (But don’t worry, I’ll still be taking and answering questions here.)

In honor of this expansion, I’ve decided to make my first video all about tackling the often difficult and terrifying act of MOVING ON.

So, if you’ve been wanting to move on from something you’ve found extremely hard to let go of – like an unsatisfactory job or career, a bad romantic relationship, a flaky friend, or even a financially-generous-but-cock-blocking “older male friend” (he he) – I  highly recommend you check out this video.

In it I discuss what to do after you’ve had enough of the place you’ve outgrown, how to deal with being outside of your comfort zone, and the secret to finding yourself in the place you ultimately want to be.

So, check out the video below.  And if it helps you in any way, please make sure to LIKE/THUMBS UP the video, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and notification bell to be notified of both “Dear Megan” and similar, but non-“Dear Megan” content.

Thanks.  And, as always, best of luck!

-Megan 🙂



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