Introducing “The Little Glass Slipper Matchmaking Company” – Where Adult Entertainers Find Love

Calling all OnlyFans models, strippers, webcammers, sugar babies, adult film stars, phone/text sex operators, fetish actors, nude models, escorts, BDSM artists, madams, go-go dancers, and many, many more adult entertainers!

Tired of hoping to find a relationship filled with true intimacy, (pronounced “into-me-see” around here), and only meeting people in the dating world who negatively judge you – or worse, try to take advantage of you – due to the nature of your job? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in an encouraging relationship only to be disappointed that the other person just couldn’t get past your chosen profession? Well, “no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

Introducing The Little Glass Slipper! A private matchmaking company dedicated to helping adult industry workers find loving, long-term relationships with their Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO – that’s “the person of their dreams,” (who’s also dying to meet them, by the way), for those of you who don’t speak magic-talk.

Here, we provide a safe, trusting environment for relationship-minded adult entertainers to connect with compatible and like-minded non-adult industry workers, aka “civilians,” as well as fellow industry workers, who otherwise may have never met.  (I know, life can be a such a cruel stepmother sometimes…)  And, most importantly, we do it all in the name of love! So, if you’re ready for your “person,” join today, and let’s see if the little glass slipper fits!

What’s in a name? “Everything!” according to The Little Glass Slipper’s Certified Matchmaker, “The Fairy Godmother.”

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